10 incredible stunning images taken from Samsung Galaxy Note 7!

As Samsung has launched their latest and greatest phablet to date, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be officially arrives in Malaysia on the 19th August this year and pre-order has already begin at 11street. Apart from the newly added water-resistant feature and iris scanner, the camera is another biggest highlight of the smartphone itself. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some stunning images taken from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from an amazing perspective!

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples (5)Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples (6)Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples (7)Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples (8)Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples (9)Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samplesSamsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples (1)Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples (2)Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples (3)Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-official-camera-samples (4)


Impressed? All 10 images above are taken by professional photographers with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Does these images lives up your expectation and makes you anticipate on your new smartphone?

Source : VTECH