10 variants of Windows 10 will surface market in the future

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft which is the successor of Windows 8.1 released last year. Microsoft officials stated that there will be 10 variants of Windows 10 and the Windows phone will be renamed as Windows mobile upon its release.

The Windows 10 Home will be the most common OS that we used it in performing computing operation for daily uses.

Windows 10 Mobile is the new named given after the Windows phone

Windows 10 Pro is the Windows OS designed for business and entrepreneur with feature similar as Windows 8 Pro

Windows 10 Enteprise is based on the concept of the Windows 10 Pro which is built for enterprise computer in company.

Windows 10 Education is dedicated for the field of education in school and colleges.

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise: As what does the tittle say

Windows 10 IoT: For a tech-savvy environment?

Looks like Microsoft has been making many different version of Windows 10 to suits different user preference and environment. Does anyone has high hope on this new variant of Windows Operating System?