Free 10Mbps speed upgrade for all Digi Infinite 80 and 100 users

If you have a heavy reliance on mobile data to get things done, especially your residence has no possible landline connection or you found that utilizing mobile data could be a more budget friendly way of getting online, an unlimited data quota plan and a good and stable network coverage is essential criteria to get things done. With the launch of Digi Infinite 80 and 100, it brings unlimited data with a speed cap for all Infinite plan subscriber early this year available in different prices according to demand. This time, Digi has broaden the speed cap of Infinite subscribers from 5Mbps to 10Mbps so that you can surf online with double the speed at the same price, provided that you have a good network coverage in your area.

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According to a report by Amanz, many Digi Infinite subscribers has received this free upgrade notification via SMS where the Infinite 80 and 100 users will get the upgrade commencing from 7th July. It also means that you can enjoy a faster internet starting this weekend. If you would like to join in this plan, simply visit your nearest Digi center for port in or sign up through here.