3 new Apple products to be launched on March!

It is unsurprisingly to see new gadgets coming from Apple in each year. For example, the Apple iPhone 5S and 6S are released with a large gap in between that shows that Apple is more focused on the quality rather than the quantity. As the highly anticipated Apple Watch has been delayed according to TechCrunch, there might be less thing we could expect from Apple this year. However, Apple will soon be launching 3 different products in a single day on March, with just few weeks around.



The first product anticipated to be launched on the March are the 4 inches Apple iPhone 5SE. It features a strikingly identical design from the iPhone 6 and comes with an A8 processor and 8MP camera, all fitted into a 4 inches display smartphone.



Besides, it is said that Apple will be launching the new iPad Air 3. However, there isn’t much speculation of specifications and functionality heard on the new iPad. Will the new iPad offers revolutionary new technology?



Although there is no Apple Watch II to be launched in this year (or so), Apple will still be launching an Apple Watch which is capable with FaceTime capture and introducing more band design and variety into the first generation Apple Watch users. Soon after, it is said that Apple will roll out a new firmware update, the Apple watchOS 2.2 to all Apple Watch in short time.

To those who are anticipating the new iPhone 7, it is likely that it will be launched around September or the end of year 2016.

Source : cnbeta