3 new features of the Galaxy Note 5! Is that what you expected?


On the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 happening at 11pm GMT+8 Malaysia time, Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the legacy of the design from the Samsung Galaxy S6, there are more function inserted into this year Note series flagship from Samsung. Here are the top 3 new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


Feature No. 1



The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 still carries on the Air Command associated with the stylus. However, Samsung improves its compatibility on the Android 5.0 which allows users to add 3 favourite app into the Air Command shortcut for instant launch!

Feature No. 2



The ScreenWrite has also been largely improved in the Air Command system. By removing the stylus, you can perform continuous screen capture “Scroll capture” up to 22 shots in a row!


Feature No. 3


This could be the most favorite feature of all Note users! In the new Galaxy Note 5, you can jot down notes on the display even the screen is turned off. Instead of opening S Memo or Quick Memo application, you can save down tremendous amount of time and jot down important information in the quick time event!.

Is those features something you expected for?