5.1Ghz clock rate! The most extreme Intel CPU yet

As one of the greatest duopoly on computer processor research, development and manufacturing, Intel processor are well known of its high performance output with great power optimization. However, Intel does not settle to that extend and it is rumored to launch the Xeon E5-2602 V4 Processor clocked at 5.1Ghz, one of the most ‘crazy’ clock rate from all the processor on the market.



The rumored was originally first seen on several Chinese media sites as Intel will be launching their Broadwell chip manufactured under 14nm process. The Xeon E5-2602 V4 comes with quad cores and multithreading design. Unlike other Xeon chip, this Xeon processor comes with a default clock rate at 5,1 Ghz, 10MB L3 cache and with a TDP requirement at 165W.

This clock rate mark up the highest frequency of Intel processor without overclocking, instantly outblow the AMD FX 9590 processor overclocked at 5Ghz, even with a standard clock rate at 4.7 Ghz. The 165W TDP is also way lower than the AMD’s TDP at 220W, which making it more power efficient.

Of course, the birth of this processor was not geared for the average consumer. It specially designed for special task and activity that requires trememdous amount of processor performance to complete a complex task such as supercomputing in massive datacenter. This processor also marks irony on their previously statement against AMD as they said “clock rate isn’t everything”.