5 new Whatsapp update that you should know!

Are you an avid Whatsapp user? If you happen to be one of the billion users, you might want to check out these new features from the latest Whatsapp update below!

Feature No. 1

Instead of observing photos one by one, users can now preview mini sized pictures on Whatsapp! This ultimately saves times when users trying to view many photos at once.




Feature No. 2

Instead of adding default (preloaded) images or pictures taken from smartphone as conversation background image, user can now select unicolor image as their preferred background image for their conversation! One of the best option for those minimalist!


Feature No. 3



You can now zoom into videos for greater clarity and details

Feature No. 4

Newly added 3D Touch support also added new option when you long press the Whatsapp icon on your iPhone.




Feature No. 5


The newly added support for cloud storage allows your to back up your images and videos into cloud services such as iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive without the extra steps during the upload process!