5 things you need to know about USB Type-C

The USB Type-C was first noticed on the latest Apple MacBook and other products from tech giants. Apple has dismissed their Thunderbolt technology and now equipped their latest product with USB Type-C. The revolutionary USB connector is likely to be used in common electronic products in the future. But first, Let us look at 5 common things that you need to know about USB Type-C.

1. The USB Type C is smaller than thunderbolt and has similar size with micro-USB connector.

2. The Type-C is a different type of USB connector. Type A is commonly found in most USB 2.0 devices. Depending on the ports, the USB Type-C can deliver up to 100W of power for laptop charging. It also can transfer data up to 10Gb per second.

3. Unlike Thunderbolt, the USB Type-C is not exclusive to any of the manufacturer. This means all electronics manufacturer can use this technology.

4. USB Type-C is backwards compatible. You will not face the trouble when plugging it in incorrectly. Besides it is also applicable with older USB ports as long as there is USB Type-C adapter.

5. It can act as HDMI or DisplayPort. Thus, you dont have to obtain specialized cable for the specific port in the devices.

Currently the USB Type-C connector is found on the latest Macbook and the Chromebook pixel. It is expected this USB technology will be featured in future gadgets.