8GB weekend quota only for RM10? Add 5GB at RM48 only with Hotlink Fast!

The furious competition between telco has heated up when major telco in Malaysia has launched affordable plan with a larger montly quota plan. With the recent introduction of webe that gives the most valuable plan to date, consumer sometimes can be confused over the selection of telco to get the best bang for the buck. Today, Hotlink has upgraded the Hotlink Fast Prepaid which comes with 8GB of weekend quota only for a single RM10 registration purchase!

Hotlink FAST (Eng)

To receive this great deal, one must login their Hotlink or switch their plan from other network to Hotlink Fast and they will be eligible to receive 8GB weekend quota for free (1 week 2GB, Saturday and Sunday 1GB each) and this plan is permanently available if the account remains active all the time.

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Hotlink Fast free quota is only eligible for weekend and hence user has to purchase mobile quota for weekdays use. One GB quota comes at RM3 and which is available for one day only. If monthly subscription is required, user will be provided with 5GB monthly quota for RM48 per month (per reload).

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Purchase of Hotlink Fast number comes with RM5 preloaded credit and free 300MB prepaid internet which is valid for 2 days.

MMS0358_Hotlink StarterPack_2


Existing Hotlink Fast member can upgrade their plan to enjoy this offer. TO upgrade, just select on the Hotlink RED App and press  “ More ” — “ My Account ” — “ Change ” — “ Rateplan ” or call *100*6*1#

This plan is one of the most valuable plan in town right now which is available to everyone. Besides, this deal is also permanent so if you want more weekend quota for web surfing, the Hotlink Fast plan is one of the choice that you can consider.

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