A brand new way to play Android Wear with style

With so much smartwatch surfacing the market today, every manufacturer has trying to bring out the uniqueness in each device by inserting more unique operation features that symbolizes the particular smartwatch. Those feature such as operating smartwatch via voice command, touch panel and rotating the frame does sound similar and boring throughout the time. However, if you we’re bored by your smartphone that does the same thing and operates the same way all the day, there is something that you couldn’t miss about.

Look awesome, isn’t it?

This company, Aria has launched a new features in Android Wear that allows user to control the smartwatch directly via finger and palm gesture. This new technology is compatible with Pebble Time and other Android smartwatch. With five finger elongated to the max, the system will detects the palm gesture and thus display the ‘Home Screen’.

Let’s see some video below!

The main secret to achieve the discrimination of different palm gesture is by this tiny piece of hardware. There are 2 different Aria which is compatible with Android Wear and Pebble Time. Android Wear with Aria requires an additional piece of battery and thus priced slightly higher (US$169; RM609) while the Pebble Time version comes in more cheaper (US$ 69; RM249).

Does this looks cool? Check out the project page here