A complete guide for these 5 days holiday

As on 1st May, Malaysian were greeted with a holiday which can be extended to Sunday if you choose to took a leave on Thursday and Friday. Here are the top 5 productive way to spend your time on this holiday season.

Time to tidy up!

There is no excuses not tidy up your room or house in this holiday season. Maybe you ought to find some hidden treasure beneath your bed!

Read some books

If you practice Tsundoku, the act of piling books up but not reading them, it’s time to start or complete some of the books laying out there! It will be a great period to start something fresh, or at least complete part of your bucket list.

Invite your friends to hangout

Let’s go MAMAK! No explanation needed!

Organize a party!

If going out is not your thing, maybe invite your friends in?

If you plan so, also do check out the Nova 4 & 4e video ringtone feature where you can make a funny or a surprising video into a ringtone!  You can record a short video with your message and set as ringtone for different contact

See this in action here.

Level up your photography skills

As smartphones are getting more advance, it is now possible to capture something impressive without a DSLR. You can spend your holiday to upgrade your camera skills on Huawei Mobilegraphy Tips & Tricks! You can learn more about the features on Nova 4 and 4e on this Facebook page to create some impressive and instragrammable photos!

Grab the Nova 4 series with RM1000 gifts!

If you’re looking to change your smartphone, it’s time to do so! There is on-going promotion for Nova 4 and Nova 4e. While you are doing with your run or other exercise in this holiday, you could record and track down your fitness level with the Band 3 which comes complimentary for each Nova 4 and 4e purchase!

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