A look back into Huawei EMUI development in the past few years

The newest EMUI 10 was launched yesterday at Huawei Developer Conference yesterday (9th August 2019). While it offers EROFS, Ark Compiler and GPU Turbo, what would be the first EMUI offers when compared to this version? Let’s have a look!

  • EMUI 1: Based on Emotion UI which integrates menu and launcher together at once to reduce fussy steps.
  • EMUI 2 brings new lockscreen with frequent wallpaper change for a new surprise on each unlocks.
  • EMUI 3 offers simplistic UI and clearer look
  • EMUI 4 adds professional camera mode, ISO, white balance and adds some enhancement in professional camera mode.
  • EMUI 5.0 adds F2FS file system management that improve 20% system fluidity
  • EMUI 8 adds desktop mode and the 8.1 update adds 960 fps ultra slow motion capture
  • EMUI 9 adds more nature into its theme
  • EMUI 10 brings whole new UI experience including Ark compiler, EROFS and more.