A new 5.1″ display smartphone with Snapdragon 820: Sony “F8331” leaked!

A new Sony smartphone has appeared on the GFXBench benchmark database since last week. It has a model name “Sony F8331” that comes with 5.1 inches Full HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 13MP front and 23MP rear camera. This spec has a great similarity with the Xperia X Performance but the Xperia X Performance comes with a model number starts with F81XX instead of F83XX. Could it be a new generation of Xperia X?

The 4 new Xperia X smartphones launched this year are the Xperia X Performance/ X/ XA/ XA Ultra with a model number F81XX / F51XX / F31XX / F32XX respectively. While the Sony Xperia Z series Z2, Z3, Z3+ and Z5 comes with model name of  D65XX / D66XX / E65XX / E66XX, it might suggest that the F83XX could be one of the variant of the Xperia X Performance or the successor of itself.

If everything went fine, it is expected to be launched on Q4 2016 during IFA 2016.

5.1吋Sony F8331規格曝光 搭載高通S820


Source : sogi手机王