A quick look onto Samsung Galaxy Fold, A90 5G @ IFA2019!

In the new IFA 2019, Samsung will be launching their new generation of 5G smartphone, the Galaxy A90 5G smartphone. It also brings Galaxy Fold under the spotlight again after fixing the display issues. Both smartphone to support 5G and now lets have a closer look without much talk.

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G


Pretty fresh to see 5G in action on the A series lineup

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G


Here are something that’s being done to the new Galaxy Fold.

  • The protective film on the screen is extended beyond the bezel so that it cannot be easily removed.
  • The design of the folding mechanism is enhanced to protect the folds of the folded structure from being entered by external particles such as dust.
  • A protective cover is attached to the upper and lower sides of the fold, and a metal layer is added to the screen, and the space of the hinge and the body is reduced, and the durability of the mobile phone is enhanced.