A single video that crashes the entire iPhone

While people are interested in watching short vine videos sent by friends or through the internet, most are not concern by the possible risk that could damage that smartphone, A recent video was spread among social media with a short video uploaded on MiaoPai has resulted some serious damage on the iPhone which requires hard reset. After loading the video through Safari, all buttons are almost rendered unusable and the sole solution is by performing a hard-reset, which resulted in data loss without prior notice.

To perform a hard reset on iPhone 7,  users will need to hold down the power and down volume buttons until they see the Apple logo. On the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus or older Apple smartphones, users need to hold down the power and home buttons until they see the Apple logo.

Earlier this year, a message with “effective power” that result in recipients smartphone to crash without needed to be opened. Although some research suggest that it is caused by a potential bug exploited by virus, Apple has yet to disclose any information regarding this vulnerability.

Source: TheGuardian

iPhone 7