A supermarket without a checkout line – Amazon Go

Sick of queuing up  in a checkout line that takes minutes to hour to get your groceries paid? As we believe everyone doesn’t like their time wasted on paying groceries, the conventional way of shopping exist worldwide. However, Amazon has an idea to revolutionize the way that we purchase groceries at supermarket with the launch of Amazon GO. 


Amazon GO has no cashier, no checkout line and everyone just take what they need into their cart. Customer would have to scan the QR code in their amazon account before entering Amazon Go store. Once the item is added onto their cart the item will be automatically registered on the shopping cart. Payment can then be made with Amazon account by online banking. How convenient is that!

The new way of operating supermarkets relies on Sensor Fusion, Computer Vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. It can automatically recognize which items was removed and replaced on the cabinet and Amazon named it as “Just Walk Out Technology”.

Apart from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, Amazon Go also provides break, milk, cheese, chocolate and other well known goods.

The first Amazon Go supermarket located at Seattle will be operating by next year. It is currently open for its staff during the testing period.