Acer Malaysia launches 3 new monitors with new Aspire S 24 AIO desktop

Recently, Acer has brought in 3 new display and a 24 inches Acer Aspire S 24 All in One desktop. Let’s have a look on the new product launched in Malaysian market from Acer below.

Aspire_S 24

Acer Malaysia has brought us a new All in One desktop that combines all PC hardware such as CPU, motherboard, displays and speakers into one. The bezel-less display distinguish it from the rest of the AIO and the slim body further elevates the appearance. On the other hand, the stand for the desktop also comes with Qi wireless charging where you can charge your devices when you work on project.

The Aspire S24 AIO comes with Intel Core i5, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB 5400rpm hard drive and 128GB SSD. It comes with a retail price at RM4399.



Apart from AIO, Acer also bring 3 monitor where one of it is the XF270HA built for gaming. This 27 inches desktop offers 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms reaction time which is ideal for combat games that requires instantaneous reaction time. The display suits AMD graphics card as it is AMD Free Sync and Adaptive Sync supported. The Acer Eye Protect gives protection to gamer’s eye for moderately long hours of usage.

It is currently on sale with a price tag at RM1499.


Apart from Acer XF270HA, Acer also brings ED242QRA with a 23.6 inches display that can be viewed in between 178 degree. Similar as above, it brings 144Hz refresh rate, 4ms reaction time and AMD FreeSync for your seamless gaming and multimedia work.

It is currently on sale at RM799.


Lastly, the Acer EB321HQUB offers an incredibly large display size at 31.6 inches with WQHD display (2560x 1440 resolution) and 178 degree wide viewing angle. It is currently retailed at RM1099.

Learn more about these product at Acer Malaysia official site.