Adobe Photoshop Camera now available on Android, iOS for free

Looking to enhance your photos with Adobe Photoshop related feature when capturing? Adobe Photoshop Camera has just launched in the Android, iOS platform and it comes with AI selection for the best filters for you to capture amazing pictures!

There are lots of filter available through the app which covers from human portraits to scenery, foods and environment. You can add special effects to your photo as an overlay. It is also possible to adjust level of filter or to add other objects within the image.

After post-processing, you can share the image directly to social media through the application.


The Adobe Photoshop Camera runs on iPhone 6s and above with iOS 12 and iOS 13. As for Android, supported devices are limited to Samsung S9 series, S10 series, Note 9, Note 10 series, S20 series and so on. Hopefully more devices can be supported in the future!