AEON launches e-wallet app for cashless payment

With of one of the widest coverage of supermarket and shopping centers across west part of Malaysia, AEON has launched their e-wallet app known as AEON wallet and you can get to spend cash free when you visit AEON stores anywhere.

This wallet is similar with other e-wallet app and it can be used at AEON, AEON Big, AEON Max Value and AEON wellness and transaction can be done by flashing QR codes.

To use the AEON Wallet app, simply open the app when you checkout your shopping cart and scan QR code and you’re good to go!

Besides, users can check balance and transaction record in app and reload AEON Member Plus Visa prepaid card! Points will be converted for each transaction and can be converted to cash in the future. Learn more about the AEON Wallet app here.


Download link as below.

Android:Google Play Store

iOS:Apple Store