Always snooze? New Microsoft app force you to leave bed

Wakey wakey! A distorting alarm ringing at 6am in the Monday morning is the ultimately boring way to greet the start of your day. Besides, many of us has a simple habit of snoozing the alarm and went back for more sleep. While it’s not entirely harmful to do so, practicing a good wake up habit is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Recently Microsoft has released a new application named as “Mimicker” that forces you to leave your bed to do something bizarre. When the alarm rings, the Mimicker gives you 2 option – to sleep for another 5 minutes (snooze) or to disarm the alarm. In order to disarm the alarm completely, user have to complete one of the 3 mini “games” in the app such as capture an object with certain colour, express yourself with a smile (taking photos) or complete a short tongue twister. Fortunately, the alarm will be silenced temporary for 30 seconds during the process to avoid waking your neighbors up.



As one of the application that disarm alarm by doing bizzare action, the Mimicker application is one of the best way to get yourself out of the bed in the early in the morning. This application is now published in the Google Play Store and will be launched in Windows app store and Apple App store respectively.

It takes discipline and courage to wake up or even just by installing the app, are you up for challenge?