Amazing shots from Von Wong with just a Huawei P8!

Does the picture above looks impressive? The Huawei P8 has just been announced in London today that comes with an unique camera feature – ‘Light Painting’ that allows the P8 to take amazing shots from anything that emits light, including fire. The world renowned photographer and artist -Benjamin Von Wong have just created some of the most amazing fireshot with just a Huawei P8 with the built-in ‘Light Painting’ feature. No extra effects or image editing software was used to create nor enhance the effect and image quality.

Warning: The pictures below could blow your mind away

All of the photo above was taken with Huawei P8 by Benjamin Von Wong with no extra image editing. Let see how it is done below


Those photos weren’t taken taken by a DSLR! We totally cannot believe it

Check out the video below for more information

Source: Von Wong via Medium