Android M: Macadamia Nut Cookie?

As the next Google I/O is happening soon, the next generation of Android, Android M will be unravel and which may brought us some new exciting features in this firmware update. As we are anticipating the next generation of Android, many of us has been keeping our eye close on the latest updates from Google to have a sneak peak of what could be the Android M.

Based on one of the credible online source, Android Police has found a new leak of the codename of the new Android M. In the developer exchange forum in Google, Android Police noticed that most of them use the codename MNC, which could likely indicates the Macadamia Nut Cookie, a hawaiian cookie which is favourited by everyone.

However, it is unlikely that Google will leak out their next Android M codename prior the Google I/O 2015. For example, Google used Key Lime Pie as a ‘secret’ code name of Android K but turns out it is the KitKat that everyone uses today. What could be the real name of Android M? We will unravel it on the upcoming Google I/O 2015.

Source : Android Police