Android N Beta will opens to non-Nexus devices

With the Android N developer preview has been officially rolled out from Google few months ago, it is currently limited to some of the latest Android Nexus smartphone only. However, there is a plan that Google is going to bring the N beta to more smartphones, includes those Android OEM smartphone manufacturer. This means that non-Nexus smartphone user might also be enjoy the Android N before others!


However, Google has not revealed which Android OEM will be able to participate the N beta testing. Nevertheless, it is expected that Motorola will be one of the first Android OEM to get Android N beta testing as most of their phones are running Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Samsung and LG could also be one of the Android OEM and their smartphone might be able to preload with Android N beta soon.



The participation of the Android N development for Android N beta could means more challenge for Google as the support for preview is highly limited. However, as their are more Android OEM joining the test for Android N, it also means that more devices will have a greater compatibility with Android N when it is finally launched to the public.

Source : cnbeta