Another overheating issue for the Apple iPhone 6s?

New software issues coming down on your new smartphone? That can be solved by rolling out software update and patches depending on the severity of the issues. However if your smartphone is running too hot which could result from software bug to hardware issues, it could take a long period of time to find the issue or recall back most devices. The Apple new smartphone – iPhone 6s has just been released around the corner. However, a new issues has arised as most users reported that the Touch ID and Home button will be hotter and hotter over time which results in uncomfortable during usage. Those users then flock onto Apple forums and Twitter to rant about this issue. Here are some examples of it.





Till today, Apple does not acknowledge this overheating issues from these users as they cannot duplicate this issue.


Although some users are able to solve this issue by restarting the iPhone, this is not the complete solution to overcome this issue. As a reputable company, Apple should look into this issues and provide feedback for their users and roll out update as soon as possible.