Apple bans third party repair on iMac & Macbook Pro!

If you own the new iMac Pro workstation or MacBook pro 2018, you might be extremely familiar with the new T2 chip as it brings most of the control over the system hardware and peripherals. Those components include SSD, video processing and audio control makes crucial part of the entire operation and hence must not be modified or altered. If there is a modification of the chipset in someway, this could render your Apple devices unusable and harder to repair.

According to MacRumors and Motherbord, the new T2 chip has set up a new security rules where it will prompt the user to run “Apple Service Toolkit 2” diagnostic software when modification or repair was detected on mainbord, display and even keyboard cover. This renders third party Mac repair center useless, or essentially banning them from repair your broken Mac system.

While it might sound a great business idea to earn more money on repair, it seems like Apple would like to enforce a new level of security and integrity on the system via the means of repair by official centers.

What do you think?