Apple drops Google’s Enterprise Developer Program

Soon after Apple terminates Facebook’s Enterprise Developer Program, Google was also found to be violated this special right which by passes Apple App Store to obtain large data from unofficial tester.

According to foreign media reports, Google has been running an app called Screenwise Meter on Apple iOS, and invited users 18 years of age and older (if family members are 13 or older) to download the app through special code and registration process. . Through this Screenwise Meter App, users will be allowed to monitor and analyze their traffic and data, disguised as “monitor” and users themselves can earn gift cards as rewards.

Although that particular app has been made unavailable from Apple App Store and discontinued its services, Apple has disable some of their apps which is being tested as a punishment for policy violation.

Google employees will be unable to run internal beta apps on iOS devices and some proprietary apps is no longer available for Google’s developers.