Apple iPhone 12 could be launched separately: up to 6.7″ display, 5G from RM2615?

Soon after the launch of iPhone SE, many has shifted its attention on the next iPhone 12. According to the newest report, there will be total of 4 new models for the iPhone 12 line-up and it comes with special price point.

According to insider, the iPhone 11 $699 has been a great success. According to known sources, the next iPhone 12 has total of 4 models. Two will be affordable iPhone and two of them will be higher end iPhone Pro. All of the series will have 5.4″ ~ 6.7″ display and supports 3 rear camera and Lidar lasers for distance sensing. At the same time, it will also be powered by A14 chip with 5G connectivity.

The 5.4″ and 6.1″ iPhone 12 will be enter its manufacturing phase in September this year while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be manufacture during October. As for its pricing, it is estimated to retail between $600 to $700 USD.