Apple iPhone X is now Teena certified, pricing from RM5330!

As the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus has go on sale in certain countries, many Apple fans still has their interest focused on the 10th generation special iPhone edition – the iPhone X. The iPhone X brings a new OLED display from Samsung and comes with various facial recognition sensors for a more secure log in.

On the other hand, this smartphone has now been certified by China certification agency TEENA and there is some discrepancy in the hardware specifications and what it stated during the launch. 

iPhone X国行入网!2716mAh电池+3GB内存iPhone X国行入网!2716mAh电池+3GB内存images

The Apple iPhone X (China model) with the model number A1865 is offered in black, white and rose gold as stated in the hardware spec list. It is also confirmed that the new iPhone X will comes with a 3GB RAM and 2716mAh. This make us wonder whether is such battery sufficient for a single day use without recharge given that it has a very large display.

终于来了! iPhone X亮相工信部  电池容量有惊喜!

The new iPhone also comes with A11 Bionic processor at 2.45Ghz and a 5.85 inches display, 3GB RAM and storage option available from 64GB to 256GB (128GB is not present). Pricing wise, the iPhone 8 is priced at RMB8388 (~RM5330) while the 256GB model is at RMB9688 (~RM6159).

What could be the official retail price of the iPhone X once it reached Malaysia?