Apple iPhone X now can be bought for just RM3999!

Undoubtedly, the Apple iPhone X is one of a legendary that brings notched display before it was popularized in certain Android smartphone manufacturers. Their unique design has created an impact on the smartphone market not just in Apple market and the design is either you love it or hate it. When it is initially launched in Malaysia, the retial price has once smashed RM5000 point with retail price at RM5149. However, you can get the new unboxed iPhone X model for just RM3999, far more cheaper than its original retail price.


One retailer at 11street has offered the new iPhone X for just RM3999 and you can save up to RM858 instead of purchasing on their retail price at RM4857! Meanwhile, the 256GB variant is now at RM4499 instead of RM5565 with discounts up to RM1066! Promotion ends 10th August while stock last.

Get yours here.