Apple is now moving its application onto Android

With the rising controversy on the “Move to iOS” from Apple published on Google Play Store, there is a rumor suggesting that Tim Cook may be launching more Apple applications on the Android platform. Since the controversial “Move to iOS” application has wild negative responses, the Apple Music are performing well on Android Play Store. Could this be one of the effort that Apple are learning from Microsoft to take over in the Android community?



According to 9to5Mac, the Apple Music is one of the experimental trial for Apple to introduce their application onto Android platform. There will be more Apple application in the future with greater compatibility of iCloud on Android. However, the iMessage and Apple Pay services might not be available on Android since it exposes certain vulnerability when connecting to Mac.

If this rumor is true, Apple will likely introduce and confirm this news on the upcoming WWDC happening on June. With the introduction of cross platform application, there could be rising competition between both tech giants that strives to offer the best product and services to their users. After all, some of this could benefit us to some extend.

Source : Engadget Chinese