Apple launches indoor navigation for iOS 11

Do you have some kind of friend who kept losing direction even when just hanging around the shopping center? Or are you worried on the location of your terminal gate in airport? Apple has launched a new feature for iOS 11 that aids iPhone user to navigate inside the building without building directories.

According to The Verge, the latest iOS beta comes with this new feature and packed with indoor maps and directories from multiple US international airport and shopping center.

苹果开启iOS 11隐藏福利功能:路痴用户爽翻

苹果开启iOS 11隐藏福利功能:路痴用户爽翻

More detailed information and directories will be included in the future. Currently, the Apple indoor navigation is available in cities such as Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, LA, New York, San Jose, Tokyo, Washington and San Francisco.

苹果开启iOS 11隐藏福利功能:路痴用户爽翻

More cities will be supported in the future.

Source : 驱动之家