Apple Macbook Pro leaked a day before its launch

As tomorrow marks the launch of the new Apple Macbook, there are tons of Macbook Pro renders and hardware circulating around the internet lately. However, not all rumors will become a reality as Apple has “accidentally” leaked the new Macbook Pro design with a new catchy panel on top of the keyboard.

苹果自曝新一代MacBook Pro!就长这样 买

According to MacRumors, this scene is originally intended to display the integration of Touch ID to perform Apple Pay transaction on the Macbook, but the OLED touch panel make it a highlight that catches everyone’s attention.

While previous rumors suggest that the Touch ID is located on the power button, the myth has completely debunked as Apple has show its Touch ID sensor which is located on its new OLED panel.

苹果自曝新一代MacBook Pro!就长这样 买

The new Macbook Pro is almost as similar with the previous Macbook but a newly added OLED panel on the top. There will be 4 USB Type C port and there will be no HDMI nor SD slot. Who would have thought of this?

More details to be revealed tomorrow.

Source : 驱动之家


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