Apple Malaysia brings 18W charging adapter for quickcharge for RM149

With almost the majority of flagships and mid-range Android smartphone having their own quickcharge feature that’s based on different standard, Apple has recently put their new 18W USB-C Power Adapter into their online store and it is priced whopping at RM149. Furthermore is that the RM149 is only for the 3-pin charging adapter and no cables are included!

This charging adapter is primarily designed for the new iPad Pro but the compatibility was tested with the following iPhone & iPad models. You will be required to purchase the respective USB Type C to Lightning cable which isn’t your ordinary lightning cable.

And here’s the rough price for the USB C to Light cable in variety of length. So getting the cable & the adapter will cost you up to RM298.

Nonetheless quickcharge is definitely a better option to save your time and you can grab it at Apple official site if you’re interested.




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