Apple new patents shows iPad, iMac to bring reverse wireless & new headphones for 2019!

Wireless charging has been a norm since the launch of 2017’s flagships but but the first reverse wireless charging technology was seen on Huawei Mate 20 Pro. On the other hand, Apple has shown interest in this technology and one of their patent highlighting reverse wireless charging is leaked online.


According to Patently Apple, this patent was submitted as early as 2016 which brings wireless charging to Apple Watch, iPhones and other Apple gadgets via iPad. Such technology is able to transfer current from the host (iPad) to the Apple peripherals and gadgets.

Such technology is seen as the Apple Pencil 2 features similar reverse wireless charging technology via the iPad Pro 2018.


Besides, Apple also plans to launch a headphones designed for audio business conference and it could supported and associated with the reverse wireless charging technology highlighted in the patent. Let’s wait for Apple to unveil more in the future of Apple iPhones and iPad.