Apple next iPhone 12s Pro Max shows 120Hz display with Samsung LTPO panel, from RM9k onward?

According to Apple tradition, they should be launching iPhone 13 series later this year. However, Apple might be skipping the number 13 and change the name to iPhone 12s Pro Max while next year model will be iPhone 14.

The iPhone 12s Pro Max shares lots of similarity with existing iPhone 12. However the “s” represent the advancement of the hardware while the design appears the same.

The biggest highlight from iPhone 12s Pro max is the triple rear camera module that made with dark colour material to reduce “protrusion” effect of the camera module. It will also sports Apple A15 chipset with 5nm process and supports WiFi 6E.

This model is allegedly using Samsung LTPO panel with smart refresh rate adjustment between 1 to 120Hz display. Pricing for it may start from RM9420 (estimated).