Apple Pencil 2 will comes with exchangeable tips and fingerprint sensor!

The Apple Pencil was one of the essential accessories of the iPad Pro that launched last year. It was one of the key tools to create a precise and excellent drawing as the pencil is able to detect the pressure and hence create different effects on the drawing inside the iPad Pro. Meanwhile, the new Apple patents on the smart pencil shows that the future of Apple pencil could comes with more practical feature which includes the exchangeable tips!






The new Apple Pencil 2 also will sports an internal sensor along with microprocessor that user latest algorithm for advanced calculation on the gesture and hand position, It is said to have a much more precise detection on the pressure and inclination that produces different lines. The new patent also stated that the Apple Pencil might be featuring a similar technology like Touch ID that makes it more secure. (What for?)

Source : 25pp