Are you the next face of Xperia?

Sony Mobile Communications has launch a event campaign today which aimed to discover for someone unique and exclusive in all the Sony Xperia users around this world. This campaign is mainly targeted towards South East Asian which must attribute the 7 exclusive features of Sony smartphones.

  • Waterproof:I can survive underwater
  • Low Light:I can see in the dark
  • 2 Day Battery: I can stay awake for days
  • Digital Noise Cancelling: I can silence crowds
  • Hi-Res Audio: I can hear things you can’t
  • Remote Play: I can run through walls
  • Smartwear: I can shape tomorrow

Sony Malaysia executives Andrew Chong stated that he was excited in the launch of this Xperia event that search upon the bright talents to be the part of Xperia ambassador. Sony is willing to help them in impacting their live in a lively and positive way”

Be the next face of Xperia 1

Be the next face of Xperia 2
Be the next face of Xperia 3

The eligible citizens and countries are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines. Winner of the campaign will be offered:-

  1. Participation of the future event of the Xperia
  2. A Sony Xperia Z3 and the Xperia Z4 Tablet
  3. Free tickets to Manila for shooting (Nearest town to the winner)
  4. Free Accommodation  (During campaign shooting)

Interested? Register Here. This campaign ends on 14 June 2015. Meanwhile, you can learn more on Sony Xperia official webpage