ASUS ROG Phone coming to Malaysia by 22th October?!

With a long reputation and experience of building gaming hardware and peripherals, ASUS has recently launched the ROG Phone as a solution to the developing mobile gaming trend. The ROG Phone features the best hardware possible and the most insane technology to boost gaming performance that you have never seen before. Earlier today, ASUS North America announced that the RoG Phone to arrive at US by 18 October and there is a leak that Malaysia launch would come earliest by 22th October.


— ASUS North America (@ASUSUSA) October 3, 2018

There will be a grand launch in New York by the 18th October where the ASUS RoG Phone will be surfaced in US market. This also indicate that Malaysia RoG fans and mobile gaming freaks will be able to enjoy this masterpiece very soon! It is likely launched between 22nd to 24th October as stated by local media TechNave. We will confirm the authenticity when launch date comes closer.


The RoG Phone has a 6 inches AMOLED display at a Full HD resolution with 90hz refresh rate. It also empowers HDR display and 10000:1 colour contrast ratio! In short, the display on the RoG Phone will be fantastic!

There is also a 12MP + 8MP rear camera and a 8MP front facing camera. We won’t expect much of camera performance over a dedicated gaming smartphone but we hope that this phone impressed us during the launch. Other features such as Bluetooth 5.0 and common specifications are supported.

The most unique part of RoG Phone is the vast amount of accessories to assist you with gaming! Such accessories are Aero Active Cooler that cools down your device, TwinView Dock that makes it a Nintendo NDS, GameVice smartphone control and a Mobile Desktop Dock which combines to become a massive gaming beast.

The availability of such accessories is yet unknown and will be confirmed later. Stay tuned for this update!