Attention gamers! New Asus Republic of Gamers laptop and tower released today!

When it comes to dedicated gaming, an ideal gaming machine should packs with powerful performance and good graphics, alongside with good heat flow and excellent durability. This time, Asus bring us the new laptop and towers from the series of Republic of Gamers, which is an product line that focus on providing the ideal gaming experience. Although it could be quite pricy for some, the quality of the gaming experience is truely worth it.

Asus ROG G501

With just 20.6mm and 2.06kg, the ROG G501 reign the king of the thinnest and lightest of the gaming notebook on the market. This laptop is ideal for those LAN gamer which the laptop is required to bring it from place to place. Hence, mobility is the top priority of these frequent gamers while not sacrificing any bits of performance.


Asus ROG G751

One of the greatest gaming laptop of all time, the Asus ROG G751 features 17.3 large Full HD display along with 24 GB of DDR4 RAM. The G751 comes with the option of the discrete graphics card which are GTX 970M and 980M.

Asus ROG GL552

The Asus ROG GL552 is well designed for budget gamer. Packed with a core i7 high performance processor and the Nvidia GTX950M, the GL552 is highly suitable for casual gamer but not the performance elites.

Asus ROG G20

Apart from mobile gaming laptop, Asus also comes out with a new ROG tower that feature a sporty and sharp edged design. The casing comes with high variety of lightning customization which is highly attractive in terms of appearance. The G20 comes with an option with the Intel set and the AMD enthusiast build. The Intel build comes with Core i7-4790 and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 graphics card while the AMD build comes with AMD FX-770K and Radeon R9 255. Both are priced at RM5499 and RM 3999 respectively.

The purchase of ROG G501 and ROG G751 now comes with a ROG backpack along with ROG headphone and ROG gaming mouse.