Baidu “DuWear” to compete with Android Wear?

With the rise of demand on proprietary smartwatch operating system from Android smartwatches to Apple Watch, Baidu has released their own smartwatch operating system dubbed “DuWear” The Du Wear can be installed into smartwatch just like installing ROM in different smartphone. 

Du Wear currently supports smartwatch manufactured by LG, Sony and Samsung that runs Android Wear in original. While Du Wear was based on Android, Baidu has heavily manipulated the user interface and supports Chinese text and Mandarin voice recognition. This feature is likely to attract more Chinese consumers around the world and compete with the Android Wear.

The name Du Wear is highly similar with the name Android Wear and the text shown in the teaser captioned “Hi, Baidu” is highly similar with “Ok, Google/Hey, Siri” voice command. It is likely an imitation which performs the similar function  from Android Wear.

BaiduDu Wear