Best plan to get Razer Phone 2: Maxis VS UMobile!

Razer has unveiled their 2nd generation Razer Phone 2, a dedicated gaming station on mobile. Along with their launch, Maxis and UMobile will be the first 2 telco company which is now authorized for this retail. Since all of them are bundled in a telco plan, let’s see which one is for you!

We’ll let the picture do the talk.

U mobile








Still no clue yet? In summary, Maxis offers the cheapest device price in both competitor market with various monthly fee from RM98 to RM188, depending on your calls and data demand. As for U Mobile, it offers a generous amount of bandwidth but the coverage is certainly not on par with the coverage that Maxis provide.

If you are looking to stick for one, you might as well do some research on your network coverage and see which one suits all your demand!