Best powerbank for selfie addicts! Yoobao S2 Review

It is a natural trend that we use countdown timer or by pressing the earphone button when taking selfie from a monopod. Since we took up certain amount of time before creating the ideal pose, the countdown timer may have came to an end and thus taking unwanted pictures. Using earphone button could be a hassle especially when the earphone wasn’t long enough, thus providing more difficulties when taking a selfie using monopod.


Good news is, Yoobao realizes most smartphone users faced the similar difficulties when taking a selfie using monopod. Hence Yoobao released a powerbank, S2 that turns into a Bluetooth remote to activate camera shutter in the phone. Let’s look at the design of the Yoobao S2!

In terms of the design, the Yoobao S2 has the convetional powerbank design that have curved side to enhance portability and handling experience. The powerbank is also tiny sized that provides great mobility and take along wherever you go. The gold and sky blue colour option is another bonus that boosts up the aesthetic appearance of the powerbank. The metallic and aluminium design makes the powerbank  even lighter and enhance portability and heat dissipation. With the build-in Bluetooth option, you can now remote control the camera shutter with this powerbank on your hand


Tutorial on How to activate camera shutter with Yoobao S2

1. Turn on the Bluetooth by pressing down the button for 5 seconds, the Bluetooth indicator will lit for 2 seconds and diminishes which indicates Bluetooth has been activated.

2. When the Bluetooth indicator is blinking, you may turn on the Bluetooth function in your smartphone to start pairing. The devices is likely to be named S2 in the list.

3. Turn on the camera application and mount it on monopod. You can now activate the shutter by pressing the keys on the Yoobao S2 Powerbank.

4. Turn off the Bluetooth by long pressing the button for 3 seconds.

*Camera 360 can be used as alternative camera app if the default camera app does not support Bluetooth shutter activation.

Yoobao S2 Specification :-

  • Product/Manufacturer name: Yoobao
  • Model code: S2
  • Exterior material: Aluminium alloy
  • Dimension: 94x42x22mm
  • Extra features: None
  • Battery capacity: 6000mAH
  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Weight: 135g

We also performed a mini test to show how fast can Yoobao S2 to fully charged.

S2 Charging time: 0 – 100% for 7 hours

(We uses S2 charging cable and socket adapter from Samsung Galaxy S5 – 5.0 Volt 2 Ampere)


Samsung Galaxy S5 charging test with Yoobao S2

15 minutes of charging = 13% battery increment

30 minutes of charging = 28% battery increment

1 hr 30 minutes of charging = Fully charged



The Yoobao S2 is a powerbank that is packed with a 6000mAh battery and able to fully charge modern smartphone around 1 to 2 hours. Apart from phone charging, the Yoobao S2 also features Bluetooth function that can remotely activates shutter when taking a selfie from a monopod. Hence, you can take fairly amount of time to create an ideal pose and not to worry about the countdown timer! Besides, Yoobao is now organizing promotion that each purchase of Yoobao S2 will comes along with a monopod for creating group selfies. For those who faced problem when taking selfie, just grab one in your pocket and bring it wherever you go!


Author credit: Mei Shan