Blackberry KEYOne delayed, estimate launch as early on May at RM2747!

During the Mobile World Congress ended on February this year, TCL communication has a promising Blackberry smartphone named KEYone, which announced that it could be launched on April. However, no news for the new Blackberry smartphone has been revealed yet. However, there are some credible source suggest that the KEYOne will be launched as early on May onward.

BlackBerry KEYone market release delayed, now shipping after May

While Blackberry has completely discontinued their smartphone manufacturing department, they have out-sourced their manufacturing services to TCL but turns out they have some manufacturing issues that delays the launch of the Blackberry KEYOne.

However, sources suggested that the Blackberry KEYOne will be launched on the 5th May this year. While this information has yet to be verified, we could acknowledge that the Blackberry latest smartphone might not able to surface on April this year.

Source : PhoneArena