Blackberry Motion is their first water resistant smartphone

Many years ago, water resistant from a smartphone is deemed as a useless feature as warranties were instantly voided when smartphones get contact with water. With the flagships from Sony and Samsung first launches their own water resistant smartphone, many manufacturer has realized the potential benefits and features it bring and moments later this has become an industrial trend for flagships smartphone and even mid-range devices today. Moving towards Blackberry, how would one think that a business smartphones need some water resistant capabilities?

In the new leaked Blackberry Motion images provided by @evleaks, the new Blackberry water resistant smartphone has ditched their conventional QWERTY keypad but instead replaced it with a front fingerprint sensor along with the Blackberry emblem. There are 3 side buttons where we presume that it is the volume rocker and the power button. However, we have no idea what the third button serves to be.

The new Blackberry smartphone comes with a project name as Krypton and it will be named as Blackberry Motion. Since it is the first official waterproof smartphone from Blackberry, let’s see how much protection Blackberry has offered on the new Motion!

Source : 驱动之家