Blackberry Vernice is a new Android smartphone with QWERTY keyboard!

Blackberry smartphones are the favorite of all businessman that focused on communication as well as security. Previously many sources has leaked that Blackberry has started its collaboration with Google Android for a more secure Android OS. Meanwhile, there is also some stating that the next Blackberry smartphone with Google Android also known as Blackberry Vernice is a QWERTY keyboard Android smartphone! The last few Android smartphones with QWERTY keypad was found in first few generation of Android which was then replaced by software keyboard. Finally here it is!



According to @evleaks, Blackberry Vernice will be selling through 4 major telco companies in US on the upcoming September. The Blackberry Vernice will comes with Google Play Store, Blackberry Hub (Social IM & email app) and its exclusive Content Transfer technology. It will  be powered by Snapdragon 808 and packs in with 5.4 inches QHD display, 3GB RAM and 18MP rear camera!



It’s time to cheer for those who loves Blackberry and Android equally!