Breaking news: No GST will be charged on Prepaid card!

The GST on prepaid cards has raised controversies and confusion among the seller and the consumer previously as they are unsure about the GST charges. However, it was later concluded that GST will be imposed onto prepaid card and this decision has created high economical burden to low income family. However, in the recent talk by Malaysian Finance VP, he stated that the Malaysian tax agency will revert the pricing of the prepaid cards to previous. When the GST is imposed, the consumer has to bare an additional 6% for each credit top up purchase. For example, purchasing a RM10 credit top up will be surcharge of total RM10.60. With the new plan to be implemented into all local carriers, the credit top up card will be on sale for its original value (Purchase RM10 top up card with RM10).

Undoubtly, this is a good announcement to those prepaid top up users who makes frequent calls and texts. This action will be implemented on the upcoming 1st of November. All carrier shall abide with this rule and action will be taken to violators.

Source: Kwong Wah