Camera showdown: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 VS iPhone 7 Plus!

As their representative flagship from some of the world renown tech giant, the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 7 Plus held high expectation from their fans and consumer across the globe. Being a rival to each other, sometimes we as a consumer would wonder which smartphone takes the best photo of all time?

Samsung had upgraded the Galaxy Note 8 camera with a dual 12MP lens which constitute of a wide angle and a telescopic lens. Similar build is offered on the iPhone 7 Plus but the Galaxy Note 8 offers a biggest standpoint with a larger aperture at f/1.7 & f/2.4 while the iPhone 7 Plus camera has the biggest aperture at f/1.8 & f/2.8 respectively.

If we dig down onto the sample shots below, it is seen that the shots from the Note 8 offers a significant advantage in portrait mode and background blurring. Nonetheless, the subject of an image preference is down to the user themselves, so which one do you prefer?

三星Note 8、iPhone 7 Plus后置双摄比拼:结果不言而喻

三星Note 8、iPhone 7 Plus后置双摄比拼:结果不言而喻

三星Note 8、iPhone 7 Plus后置双摄比拼:结果不言而喻三星Note 8、iPhone 7 Plus后置双摄比拼:结果不言而喻

三星Note 8、iPhone 7 Plus后置双摄比拼:结果不言而喻

It seems like Galaxy Note 8 camera has offered a tremendous post capture optimization which challenged the status quo of the iPhone’s camera. What do you think?

Source : 快科技