Celcom certified as the stability & fastest upload on 4G network

Thanks to OpenSignal, we get uncensored internet speed from each individual ISP which were then analyzed onto different criteria. With their newest research, they have awarded the best 4G network stability and best upload experience to Celcom.

The data was collected from 1st Dec 2019 to 28th Feb 2019 and announced on this April.

According to OpenSignal report, Celcom offers 4G network up to 86.8% and upload at 6.3Mbps. For the video streaming experience, this is on par with Maxis with score at 61.2. The download at 14.7 Mbps make it the second on the chart. Also for the network stability, it was determine by the uptime on the 4G network with least disruptions & the fastest time to eliminate and resolve disruption.

This award is given by Open Signal CEO Brendan Gill to Celcom Axiata CEO Idham Nawawi.