Celcom launches OPPO R15 Pro Easyphone plan for RM42/month

After a few years, OPPO Malaysia finally bring the new R series back to local market and it is the new OPPO R15 Pro – a premium smartphone that excites OPPO fans nationwide. On the other hand, Celcom had just announced a new Easyphone plan where you can get the new OPPO R15 Pro from RM42 per month without hidden and excess charges.

NEW Celcom plan

The OPPO R15 Pro comes bundled with Celcom 6 EasyPhone postpaid packages which are the First Blue 45, First Gold 80, First Gold Plus 98, First Gold Supreme 128 and First Platinum Plus 188. Celcom subscriber is only required to pay monthly subscription fee and mobile phone installment per month without any upfront payment under the new Celcom’s EasyPhone installment plan. Hence you can get to pay less to get your desired phone in time.

This time, Celcom also brings EasyPhone Rent that gives user to experience the smartphone for a period before heading for another upgrade. You can experience your new smartphone without paying the full premium of owning one. Simply return back in 24 months when the contract ends and you can top up with the extra fees and it is completely yours.

Interested? Head to your nearest Celcom store or blue cube today!