Celcom offers iPhone 8/8 Plus PRODUCT (RED) from RM83/ month!

To raise the awareness on AIDS and HIV within worldwide, Apple Malaysia has launched the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus PRODUCT (RED) in the market few months ago and it ultimately resembles feminism. Celcom lately also had just launched the custom order on the special edition iPhone X which comes with as low as RM1748 or RM83/month with EasyPhone plan.

Here’s the plan for the iPhone 8


FIRST Gold Plus

  • RM98/ month
  • Device fee – RM2398(64GB), RM3058(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(without device protection)- RM110(64GB), RM137(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(with device protection)- RM150(64GB)、RM187(256GB)

FIRST Gold Supreme

  • RM128/ month
  • Device fee  – RM2178(64GB)、RM2838(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(without device protection)- RM97(64GB), RM125(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(with device protection)- RM137(64GB), RM175(256GB)

FIRST Platinum

  • RM148/ month
  • Device fee – RM2038(64GB)、RM2698(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(without device protection)- RM92(64GB), RM120(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(with device protection)- RM132(64GB),RM170(256GB)

FIRST Platinum Plus

  • RM188/ month
  • Device fee– RM1748(64GB)、RM2408(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(without device protection)- RM83(64GB)、RM110(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(with device protection)- RM123(64GB)、RM160(256GB)



And here is the specifications for iPhone 8 Plus

FIRST Gold Plus 配套

  • RM98/month
  • Device fee – RM2828(64GB)、RM3488(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(without protection)- RM128(64GB)、RM155(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(with protection)- RM168(64GB)、RM205(256GB)

FIRST Gold Supreme

  • RM128/月
  • Device fee – RM2618(64GB)、RM3278(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(without protection)- RM115(64GB)、RM143(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(with protection)- RM155(64GB)、RM193(256GB)

FIRST Platinum

  • RM148/month
  • Device fee – RM2468(64GB)、RM3128(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(without protection)- RM110(64GB)、RM138(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(with protection)- RM150(64GB)、RM188(256GB)

FIRST Platinum Plus

  • RM188/month
  • Device fee– RM2188(64GB)、RM2848(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(without protection)- RM100(64GB)、RM128(256GB)
  • EasyPhone(with protection)- RM140(64GB)、RM178(256GB)


iphone 8 red featured

Each contract comes with 24 months contract and if you aren’t signing up with EasyPhone plan, you will need to pay an upfront payment at RM1300! Learn more at Celcom official site